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Over 500 alumni clubs and groups make up the Stanford community.
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What is Stanford Alumni Groups?

Stanford Alumni Groups is designed to engage alumni and students through clubs, groups, and online communities. The platform creates a digital meeting place for group members to connect and interact using easy-to-use tools and resources.

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Who can participate in Stanford Alumni Groups?

  • Alumni
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Donors
  • Friends of the university


Logging in with Stanford Pass

You will need a Stanford Pass account to access alumni events and resources on Stanford Alumni Groups. 

  • Don't remember your Stanford Pass username or password? Contact us, or click on either "Forgot your username" or "Forgot your password"on the login page.
  • To create a Stanford Pass account go here. To avoid delays, be sure to have your SUID number handy to verify your identity.
  • Need help or don't remember your SUID? We've got you covered.  Contact us for assistance.
  • Note" It's essential to keep an up-to-date secondary email address - one that is not your @alumni.stanford.edu address - in your My account profile to ensure you can reset your password.


Stanford student login and opt-in information

Current Stanford students who wish to register must opt in to Stanford Alumni Groups at least 48 hours prior to an event. Take the following steps to set up your access to Stanford Alumni Groups:

1. Go to the opt-in page in Axess here

2. Read the information and slide the bar to "Y" to indicate that you would like to opt in to Stanford Alumni Groups

3. You will receive a confirmation email after opting into Stanford Alumni Groups with Login instructions

*Note that you'll need a Stanford Pass account in order to access Stanford Alumni Groups. Need help? Follow the above Logging in with Stanford Pass instructions or Contact us.